128 bit integers


I need to store big integers (some can have up to 30 digits) I can’t store it in memgraph ints which are 64 bit ints, or in floats without losing precision. Is there a type that I can use to store these numbers?

I searched but didn’t found any type that fits my needs:


Good question and interesting request, Memgrpah doesn’t have the appropriate datatype yet. Maybe a String could be used, but that’s probably not good enough. I’ve created an issue → Add support for Decimal data type · Issue #829 · memgraph/memgraph · GitHub. If you can add more details it would be great or say how critical it is to you. It should be easy to add the appropriate type but we have to prioritize that.

What are the necessary operations on top of just the data type? Do you have some specific operations required in your use-cases?