Can't connect mg_client to memgraph

While attempting to find an answer to my other question, I attempted to connect to memgraph using mg_client, and not the Bolt library I was using. I’m running both from containers:

% sudo podman run -it -p 7687:7687 \   
  -v mg_lib:/var/lib/memgraph -v mg_log:/var/log/memgraph -v mg_etc:/etc/memgraph \
  --entrypoint bash memgraph
memgraph@2348c567520d:/usr/lib/memgraph$ ./memgraph --also-log-to-stderr=true --bolt-cert-file="" --bolt-key-file="" --telemetry-enabled=false

runs one container with the memgraph server, and

% sudo podman run -it \
  -v mg_lib:/var/lib/memgraph -v mg_log:/var/log/memgraph -v mg_etc:/etc/memgraph \
  --entrypoint bash memgraph
memgraph@7ea13056a9e2:/usr/lib/memgraph$ mg_client --host '' # IP of the server container
Connection failure: Couldn't connect to!

attempts to run mg_client from another container. In the logs of the server I find:

Starting 8 Bolt workers
Bolt server is fully armed and operational
Bolt listening on
I0821 15:44:30.471156    17] Accepted a Bolt connection from
E0821 15:44:30.472842    13] Exception was thrown while processing event in Bolt session associated with with message: Something went wrong during session execution!

(which is not very informative)

The problem here is that SSL is disabled, and the client, by default, uses SSL. With this server configuration, please use mg_client --use-ssl=False.

Memgraph is still an early product. We have to work on error messages and improve them.

Thank you for the feedback!

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thank you, that solves it!