Executing multiple queries with rust driver

I’m using Rust driver to connect to Memgraph instance and execute multiple MATCH / CREATE queries.

Is there any way I can execute multiple queries with method:

connection.execute_without_results ?

In other words - I dont want a sequence of queries like:


But rather:

I have also noticed it works for MERGE queries like:

MERGE (:Node) MERGE (:Node1) MERGE (:Node2) MERGE (:Node3)

But I also need other MATCH queries ( like create relations ).


Hi @wayha! Are you using rsmgclient?
Currently, one execution is one query, that is, one transaction. MERGE queries you mentioned work because they are indeed one query. So, there is no procedure currently to provide a bulk of queries to be executed. Can you explain more about why this is something you need? On what step did you get stuck and figure out this would be useful to you?