Export not yet supported for databases larger than 1 Million nodes + egdes

Is there a way around this so I can export my database ?

I want to export a baseline version of the DB and then add additional data, wipe it clean, put the baseline (over and over) for testing.

I assume you are using Memgraph Lab because it has a limit of 1 million nodes and edges.

If you just need a baseline version of your database to put it over and over for testing the quickest and most efficient way would be to copy the data directory of Memgraph. When you want to run a test again on the baseline data, you just need to stop Memgraph, replace the data directory with the one you copied, start Memgraph and continue with the test. It is also the fastest way for Memgraph to load up a large amount of data.

Your data directory is defined in memgraph.conf:

# Path to directory in which to save all permanent data. [string]

Thank you, I will try that