Give me serverless or give me nothing

To use graphs without wasting time, polluting the environment, and having our servers crash when usage spikes, as a startup, we really want to make cypher calls to a serverless database

I realize the database economy is mostly entrenched in fixed capacity servers running 24/7 but some enlightened souls provide stuff like DynamoDB On Demand, FaunaDB Serverless, Microsoft Azure CosmosDB Autopilot, Amazon Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL… etc etc …

Why do I care what M8 or M16 instance is used in the background? Why do I even need to specify this when I sign up? It just seems like, Memgraph is just like all the other “fully managed” services out there (whatever “managed” means when they don’t manage scaling)

Sorry to be frustrated but I really want to use Cypher and there are Zero options. Neo4j community has a radioactive GPLv3 license and RedisGraph is either under the “Redis Source Available License” or costs $1400 a month. I could probably get a new pair of kidneys for $1400 per month.

Are you incapable of offering Serverless Memgraph? If not, why? If yes, when?