Gremlin Support in Memgraph

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if you plan to support Gremlin in the future?


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Hey @Steve.32,

We don’t currently support Gremlin. We chose to start with openCypher for 2 main reasons:

  1. OpenCypher is declarative which means that it should be easier to use. Gremlin is imperative, it’s not bad, but the database can do less work in terms of query planning and optimizations. That’s especially important in the case of distributed query execution.

  2. One more thing is that Gremlin is highly coupled with the Thinkerpop stack which is very Java focused (Memgraph is implemented in C/C++), in other words, it is easier to support openCypher + Bolt because that combination is completely independent on the underlying tech stack.

We do have plans to support some imperative language in the future, maybe that will be Gremlin