How to run the Dijkstra Algorithm on a dataset in Memgraph

How can I run the Dijkstra Algorithm in python in Memgraph on karate club friendship network dataset?

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Hi @anberarif :smile:
Here is an example query that finds the shortest path between the users with the ids "7" and "13":

MATCH p = (u1:User)-[:FRIENDS_WITH * wShortest (e,v | 1) count]-(u2:User)
WHERE"7" AND"13"
RETURN p, count;
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Hi @idespot :grinning:
I created the attached python file in which I am using the Dijkstra algorithm but when I run the file, it’s giving me an empty list. Can you have a look at the .py file and let me know what can I change to return the results. Here is my dataset and the .py file.
Python file