Importing bulk data not showing up on Memgraph Lab

I’m running community edition on EC2.

I imported data (as ec2-user) as how it’s written in

I got a success message after the import:

I0524 23:04:50.637346  1935] Loading comment_nodes.csv
I0524 23:04:50.637910  1935] Loading forum_nodes.csv
I0524 23:04:50.638196  1935] Loading relationships.csv
I0524 23:04:50.638748  1935] Loaded all data in 0.001 s
I0524 23:04:50.638895  1935] Starting snapshot creation to "/home/ec2-user/"

But when I query on MemgraphLab, this data is not showing up! I restarted memgrpah instance but still no luck.

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It seems to me that --data-directory does not match. In short, mg_import_csv and memgraph are two different processes. First snapshots have to be created by running mg_import_csv, and then memgraph has to find the generated snapshot files. Please take a look at what is the exact --data-directory passed to both. By default, /var/lib/memgraph is the --data-directory but from the message, it seems that mg_import_csv is somehow configured with /home/ec2-user/.

I hope this can help you to resolve the problem. If no, please let me know.

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