Load CSV into Memgraph Cloud

Hi folks, I’m looking to import a CSV file into Memgraph Cloud, where I’m currently trying out the 2GB free instance to evaluate if Memgraph is for me. However, upon reading the “Import Data” guide (Import data | Memgraph Docs), I tried:

  1. The CSV Import Tool – this seems to be based around having a local copy of Memgraph running on your own machine. Is the only way to connect this with Memgraph Cloud to first load into the local Memgraph instance, create a snapshot, and then upload that to Memgraph Cloud?

  2. LOAD CSV – I tried loading from a public file I had stored on AWS S3, but Memgraph Lab returns “Query failed: Load CSV not allowed on this instance because it was disabled by a config.”

Which options are available for loading data into Memgraph Cloud? Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for reaching out @SebastianKG! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At the moment, Memgraph Cloud doesn’t support importing data from CSV files directly. Both the LOAD CSV clause and the CSV Import Tool require access to the local file system and this is not possible when it comes to Memgraph Cloud. We are working on adding this functionality in future releases. Until then, there are two options you could try out:

  1. Import the data programmatically by connecting to the instance via driver. This way you could use each entry in your CSV file to execute a Cypher CREATE query.

  2. Using the .cypherl bulk import in Memgraph Lab. You can transform your CSV entries into Cypher CREATE queries and save them to a file with the extension .cypherl. Such a file can be imported by going to Memgraph LabDatasets tabSelect or drag and drop a file. You can find an example on our documentation.