Memgraph 0.50.0 is now available!

Dear Memgraph community,

we’re pleased to announce the release of Memgraph 0.50.0 with some major improvements! Thank you so much to everyone in the community for helping us improve Memgraph, and kudos to our engineering team! :slight_smile:

You can download Memgraph at

Please visit for the setup guide

Major Features and Improvements

  • [Enterprise Ed.] Added support for auth module.

  • [Enterprise Ed.] LDAP support migrated to auth module.

  • Implemented a new graph storage engine.

  • Added support for disabling properties on edges.

  • Added support for existence constraints.

  • Added support for custom openCypher procedures using a C API.

  • Support loading query modules implementing read-only procedures.

  • Added CALL <procedure> YIELD <result> syntax for invoking loaded procedures.

  • Added CREATE INDEX ON :Label for creating label indices.

  • Added DROP INDEX ON :Label for dropping label indices.

  • Added DUMP DATABASE clause to openCypher.

  • Added functions for treating character strings as byte strings.

Breaking Changes

  • [Enterprise Ed.] Remove support for Kafka streams.

  • Snapshot and write-ahead log format changed (not backward compatible).

  • Removed support for unique constraints.

  • Label indices aren’t created automatically, create them explicitly instead.

  • Renamed several database flags. Please see the configuration file for a list of current flags.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fixed several memory management bugs.

  • Reduceed memory usage in query execution.

  • Fixed bug that crashes the database when EXPLAIN is used.

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