Memgraph 2.1 has landed!

A couple of weeks passed after our big Memgraph 2.0 launch, but we didn’t stop adding new features and improvements. For this Memgraph 2.1 release, we focused on providing you with more options for ingesting data into Memgraph while also enhancing the existing methods.
These are some of the release key points:

  • Connecting to Apache Pulsar & Redpanda streams
  • More control over Apache Kafka streams
  • Support for Bolt v4.3
  • Many fixes and improvements

Read more about it in our announcement. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Tune in to the live demo with our founders, Dominik and Marko, to learn more about Memgraph 2.1.
We have added support for Apache Pulsar and Redpanda, as well as new features for Apache Kafka.
You’ll see all of that in action with a graph e-commerce recommender system and demos showcasing the new features.

In the end, if you haven’t heard about the Memgraph App Challenge, don’t worry, there is still more than enough time to apply and win awesome awards from the $3500 prize pool!

EVENT : Memgraph 2.1 Live Demo
HOSTS : CEO Dominik & CTO Marko
TIME : 5pm CET
LINK : YouTube live stream

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