Memgraph and Spring Data for Neo4j

Hi All,

I am trying to run a spring boot app using “Spring Data for Neo4j” (SDN) with a memgraph database, but I seem to be stuck at some generated cypher queries that give an error on memgraph. For instance a query like:

match(n:Movie) return n{.title, .id};

this gives an error:

Client received exception: line 1:24 mismatched input '{' expecting {<EOF>, ';'}

The syntax in the “return” clause is not supported and since the query is generated by SDN there is not much I can do about it. Is there a way to get memgraph and SDN working together or is it a hopeless endeavour?

I think this is purely about the map projection feature. We actually started the work to support it. Since we are turning off this forum (Discord and Stackoverflow are going to be used instead → take a look under the note), please put a comment or follow the events under Support for map projections · Issue #841 · memgraph/memgraph · GitHub (Github issue with essentially the same request) :smile:

thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it