Memgraph Lab as a separate image

is there a separate docker image for memgraph lab? or, perhaps, an image of memgraph db and the lab?
I don’t need the “platform”, just would like to have a visual on the DB…
Thank you .

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We don’t have a separate publicly available image for Memgraph Lab.
The image memgraph/memgraph-platform contains Memgraph (db) and Memgraph Lab.
The only other thing that is included are MAGE query modules, which are a nice addition if you plan on running graph algorithms on your data.

Is there a specific reason why you would rather use a Docker image of Memgraph Lab instead of the desktop application as it’s available on Linux, Windows and macOS?

the only reason is that I’m running Fedora and the Lab is not available for it :frowning:

Alternatively, can the platform image be configured with :
a disabled mgconsole, so that I can run the container as a daemon
b. with named volumes

thank you @idespot

Hi @azs!

Quick info/help from my end :smiley: It’s possible to run Memgraph+MemgraphLab from memgraph-platform in daemon (-d) mode with the following command docker run -d -p 7687:7687 -p 3000:3000 --entrypoint="/usr/bin/supervisord" memgraph/memgraph-platform.

The downside is an ugly entrypoint and that the lab (+lab context) is preconfigured to connect to the Memgraph instance inside the container. So, your points are valid, I’ll put in the development pipeline the following things:

  • Improve memgraph-platform image to easier start everything in the daemon mode
  • Provide Memgraph Lab RPM package (initial for Fedora, later for other distros as well).

Thank you! If still doesn’t work for some reason please let us know again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: