Open-source release of Memgraph lab?

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the great software you have released. We are currently using Memgraph for a research project on graph-based machine learning and found Memgrap tremendously useful. Thanks for the great work :blush:

Something we really liked is the Memgraph Lab, which makes it easy to query and visualise the graph. However, for our research purposes, we would need to make a number of changes to the visualisation that go beyond what is possible in Memgraph Lab. Since you have already released Memgraph Lab for free, we were therefore wondering whether you had any plans to release the Memgraph Lab code under an open-source license at some point? I see that the Memgraph Lab app seems to have been created as a Chrome App, so I assume the Lab relies on Javascript code (node.js perhaps)?

Alternatively, if releasing (part of) the Memgraph Lab code turns out to be impossible due to legal or business constraints, could you at least give us a few implementation hints so that we can try to re-implement some similar functionality as part of our research project? In particular, did you rely on some pre-existing graph visualisation libraries? Just a few generic hints about what you used for the visualisation would already be a great help :slight_smile:



Hello @plison!

Thank you very much for your kind words. We are always happy to hear about our product being used to further research projects. :smiley:

We donโ€™t have plans to open source Memgraph Lab at this time, but we will certainly take your inquiry into account and discuss this topic.

Memgraph Lab utilizes the vis.js visualization library. Itโ€™s wrapped with Angular as the main frontend framework along with Electron that is used to build the final cross-OS Desktop applications.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out. You can also submit a feature request via this form.

I hope you are doing well with your research! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

OK, thanks! Iโ€™ll have a closer look at vis.js then. I had a closer look at it and it does seem indeed relatively easy to use. Thanks again for the tip :slight_smile: