Qnap Container Station

Hello, I’d like to ask if somebody managed to get it running on a Qnap Container Station as Docker Container? I uploaded the image, I used the docker run - command from the tutorial (https://memgraph.com/blog/how-to-install-memgraph-and-memgraph-lab-with-docker-on-macos).

Error in the shell:
You are running Memgraph v1.1.0-community

Starting 4 BoltS workers

BoltS server is fully armed and operational
BoltS listening on
E0706 21:02:20.459131 34] Exception was thrown while processing event in BoltS session associated with with message: error:1408F09
C:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:http request
E0706 21:02:34.115661 34] Exception was thrown while processing event in BoltS session associated with with message: error:1408F09
C:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:http request

Do I need to map just these 2 more Ports (additional to 7687 for the Bolt-stuff)? Or could the service require more than these due to some dynamical magic? Or do I need to install some certificate which is not contained in the image from the beginning?

I’d prefer to use memgraph over neo4j as it might work faster in memory when the amount of data will grow. But something misses up to now… some hints?

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Nevertheless it works, I can connect via Memgraph Lab (but would like to eliminate the errors anyway).
Another problem I encounter with the csv-importer:

Background task error for create busybox: 400 Client Error: Bad Request ("oci runtime error: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused “exec: “mg_import_csv”: executable file not found in $PATH” ")
My used entrypoint: mg_import_csv memgraph as denoted in the tutorial: https://docs.memgraph.com/memgraph/how-to-guides-overview/import-data#how-to-use-the-csv-import-tool

Hi @stefan! Welcome!

It seems to me that the initial connection was an HTTP connection. Memgraph only supports Bolt protocol. To connect to Memgraph you need Bolt compatible client library. Which programming language do you use?

mg_import_csv should be located under /usr/bin/. If that’s not the case try to locate it with the locate command.

I don’t have any experience with QNAP Container Station yet so any additional detail might help me better understand what exactly is going on.

It’s super interesting that you are trying to run Memgraph on QNAP :smiley:

Looking forward to helping you further!


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Hi Marko,
thanks for replying. How could I configure the Docker-Container to call memgraph by bolt? It is started up by the default startup commandline which came with the container: /usr/lib/memgraph/memgraph
Do I need to add some params?
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Hi Marko,
the mg_import_csv is not located at /usr/lib/memgraph/

cd /usr/lib/memgraph/ ls memgraph python_support query_modules

How could I install it there?
The existance of python_support query_modules might mean, that I could start querying with python, correct?

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To query Memgraph, which is started inside Docker, Bolt port has to be exposed by adding -p parameter to docker run command, an example would be docker run -p 7687:7687 ... General format is -p {host_port}:{container_port}. host_port` has to be accessed to interact with Memgraph.

If containers (Docker) are used, then mg_import_csv is also inside Docker container. To access mg_import_csv from the host, docker run has to be configured with --entrypoint. It’s a bit specific, but Docker and Memgraph documentations are very detailed about that.

If Memgraph is successfully installed natively on Linux, mg_import_csv should also be installed. You can use updatedb and locate commands to find the binary. If the binary is not present, probably installation failed for some reason.

I hope this helps. If no, please provide more details, and I’ll try to help further :smiley: