Redirect Telemetry Trace

I am looking to route log traces to an opentelemetry endpoint in my kubernetes cluster. I see that memgraph already utilizes telemetry for application monitoring, so I was wondering if you guys had found a way to connect the traces that are already collected into a performance monitoring dashboard – for example, we use datadog for all our applications, so ideally I could connect memgraph performance monitoring through opentelemetry to our datadog APM

Hello, are you trying to expose just logs or some database metrics to your monitoring dashboard?

Currently we’re developing exposition of metrics + integration with Prometheus so you’ll be able to feed the data by pulling metrics from an HTTP endpoint (coming in v2.8). However, I might have missed the point since you mentioned log traces?

Also, can we switch to Discord, as we will shortly shut down the discourse page. Most of our community is on Discord and there might be also people who tried similar things like you and might also be able to help you.

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