Returning a tabular view of result

Hello everyone. I have just started using Memgraph today. While working through the tutorials in the Getting Started material, I noticed that the results are returned and presented in a tabular form with all node properties listed, but when I run the same queries in Memgraph Lab I only get the node label displayed. Has anyone noticed the same?


Hi @Paul_C, can you click on the Expand row arrow on the right and see whether you see all of the properties?

Hello Katarina. Thanks for your response. Yes, I see the properties though it requires clicking on each node and the output display is not tabular. Is there a way to make the view tabular, as shown in the Getting Started material?

Can you link me to the materials you are referring to? By the way, in the case I sent you, I ran the following query:

MATCH (n:Country)

on Europe backpacking dataset. To get the exact properties in a table, I would run the following:

MATCH (n:Country)
RETURN, n. name;

Memgraph Lab returns the same results as mgconsole, it just shapes them differently for the UI. You can always export the query results via Memgraph Lab in JSON, CSV and TSV format: Memgraph Lab user manual | Memgraph Docs

It is the material from the Cypher manual. You can find the queries in the MATCH section under Clauses (the link is added below). Thank you.

OK. I understand. I ran the queries in mgconsole and got the tabular format. This same tabular display should be available in Memgraph Lab too, please. Could you please add it to the list of necessary features? It makes a whole lot of difference to see the results all in one tabular view, instead of clicking multiple times on every node to see the result in json-like format. Imagine that we want to print out this result or to share with colleagues. It is much easier to view in a tabular format. Neo4j has the “tabular” view option available on their UI as well. Is there a way to display this on Memgraph Lab? Thank you.

Hi @Paul_C, now I get it. I guess you want to be able to see Plain Text output too. This is unavailable in Memgraph Lab, but we added it as a feature request. I will keep you notified of the state of the feature request. I hope this is not a massive blocker for you :slight_smile: What are you working on?

Thanks so much! I appreciate your adding it as a feature request.
No, it isn’t a blocker for me. Memgraph is excellent and I’m liking the graph database :+1:. There is a complex production network at my workplace, which I am aiming to represent as a graph network to aid planning and visibility in a whole new way.

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It’s nice to hear that you like Memgraph! I think what you’re aiming to do is a great graph use case :slight_smile: Good luck!