Using Memgraph with GScript

Okay - yes - I know this may be a disgusting question to all of my fellow nerd purists (of which I hope to consider myself also).

I am desperately attempting to dynamically link a currently active data set across multiple Google sheets to port into Memgraph (and then put those Google sheets in front of a shotgun).

GScript is pretty good though. Forgive me if there’s a resource/question already on this topic, but has anyone attempted to instantiate a connection to Memgraph in GScript and whether or not OpenCypher can be called via GScript?

Many hugs

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Hi Chris!

So far we haven’t encountered such a scenario and there is currently no way to instantiate a connection to Memgraph in GScript.
What I can suggest is to download your sheets as CSV files and import them into Memgraph using the CSV Import Tool. You can find the documentation for the CSV Import Tool on this link.

If you try this approach and encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact us so we can help you resolve them.

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Thanks for that. That’s a last resort - I am trying to maintain some level of interoperability while I migrate.

However, I totally get it. So I’ll likely do that.

Thanks for your help!